Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring your website is compatible with search engine guidelines so that it can be crawled and indexed without any problems. The main goal of a technical SEO audit is to assess your website’s current SEO and determine which aspects you need to improve for a seamless online experience.

Search engines have increasingly placed more emphasis—and higher rankings—on websites that offer high-quality, user-friendly experiences.

Technical Site Audit

Our technical SEO team audits cover a host of vital checkpoints including…

Crawl Analysis
Crawl Errors
Mobile Speed
Duplicate Content
Site Architecture
Page Speed
XML Sitemap

Penalty Recovery

Our experienced SEO team has diagnosed and successfully recovered the reputation of countless websites throughout the years.

Recover Lost Traffic
Regain Rankings
Preserve Your Reputation

A Technical SEO Company that Gets Results

Boost Your Website Performance and Generate More Organic Traffic

Structured Data Markup

Implementing structured data vocabularies ( helps define content on your website to aid the search engines’ understanding of important information.

SEO Advantages
SERP Features
Help Google Understand Your Site

Competitor Analysis

Using a host of SEO tools from our analysis tool belt, we dig deep into your competitors’ web presence.

Technical Profile
Social Media Campaigns
Backlink Profile

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