Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Are you looking for reliable and trustworthy keyword research services around the vicinity?

Here’s a quick solution: Techhikers  helps you to spark your content with a competitive list of keywords that can elevate your website’s search results appearance. Our professional SEO services are top-notch, paving your way to success among the contenders.

So, let’s do all for you:

  • Finding well-research and valuable keywords
  • Aligning keywords with products/services
  • Strategic keyword placement in the content
  • Timely deliverance of report

Keyword Research Process

We use keyword research to build a well-informed foundation for a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Website Analysis

Keyword research begins with a review of your website’s current performance in keyword rankings and organic traffic.

Competitor Analysis

After reviewing your site, we analyze 3-5 primary search competitors based on keyword overlap and relevance.

Niche Analysis

To ensure we don’t miss any gaps, we conduct industry research to identify niche-specific keywords to your audience.


Once we’ve identified all keywords and themes, we manually segment keywords to maximize opportunity.


We then share all segmented Excel data and summary PDFs highlighting keyword opportunities, trends, and themes.


After reports are shared, our consultant sets up a call to discuss the analysis, recommendations, and implementation.

Measures of SEO

You measure the success of your SEO campaign by the growth of keywords. When keywords start to increase in positioning and ultimately reach page one of Google, that means your SEO campaign is working. Keyword research lays the foundation so that you can optimize the rest of your site, that signals to the search engine algorithm that your site is growing and improving. As search engine spiders crawl your site, they will take notice of the optimized keywords and begin to lift them in the rankings.